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  • Sharder Distributed Network

    There are major limits to blockchain scalability. You cannot simply ‘increase block size and speed’ without severely compromising decentralisation, stability and security.

    Increasing demand from transactions causes blow outs in available distributed hard disk space on networks causing severe scalability issues and bottleneck limitations.

    Enter the magic of Sharder’s protocol, a revolutionary architecture that will change the way blockchain technology can, and will be used into the future.

    Sharder’s goal is to create as large, and decentralised, a distributed network as possible, with custom built hardware and also the ability for anyone with hard disk space from laptops and desktops to small and large virtual private servers to download the mining client and instantly start earning rewards for simply providing spare or available storage.

    The encryption, data sharding and distribution methods with which ‘Sharder Distributed Network’ protocol implements will increase the parameters of scale by a minimum of 3 times. So essentially, at any given time, the amount of nodes on the Sharder network will have a minimum 3 times the scalability, computing power, bandwidth, efficiency, security and storage than any other project with the same amount and size of distributed nodes.

    Sharded blockchains can scale much further because no single node needs to process every transaction. Sharding fundamentally gets around standard blockchain bottleneck limitations (see ETH) because it decouples the data contained on a blockchain from the data that a single node needs to process and store. More importantly, sharded blockchains have infinitely higher levels of stability and security.

    Then add the option of off-chain storage with the same security parameters of encryption, sharding and distributed storage along with one of Sharder’s main points of difference to any other storage project — validation and authentication, and you have the makings of a revolution in blockchain storage capabilities.

    In addition to highly secure storage, data owners will have the option to validate and authenticate their own data making it completely immutable (unable to be changed or altered). Sharder technology makes it possible to verify authenticity of a file using its digital fingerprint or file hash. Through this mechanism the data owners can keep ownership and 24/7 access to the files or information whilst no one, without their authorisation can access it.

    ‘Sharder Protocol’ is the key element to the ‘Sharder Distributed Network’. With full cross-chain capabilities. This is a major advantage in the fact that Sharder’s protocol can be deployed on almost any public chain or distributed storage platform.

    ‘Sharder Storage Network’ will have the ability to — auto shard, provide on or off-chain data storage, map unique CID, replicate and automatically archive data for any of the public chains or platforms that deploy the protocol.

    An extremely efficient, cross-chain, encryption, sharding, distributed on or off-chain storage, future multi-chain token, validation and authentication with the ability for anyone to build storage D’Apps with the aforementioned attributes, directly on the network.
    Sharder Distributed Network. The most complete, secure, data storage solutions, all in one place.

    Also published on:

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  • About Sharder Distributed Network


    • Max. Total Supply: 500,000,000

    • Current Total Supply: 350,000,000

    • Current Circulating Supply: 228,360,099

    Sharder is an ERC20 token that can be stored on any Ethereum wallet.

    Contract address:
    Decimals: 18
    Ticker: SS

    Sharder Distributed Network (SS) — Sharder Distributed Network is building an unmatched, world leading (cross-chain) blockchain data storage security, encryption, validation and authentication service, dedicated DApp building platform, with custom built affordable mining hardware.

    The Sharder Chain is a decentralized public chain based on the PoS+PoC hybrid consensus, far more technically advanced than any of its competitors. With highly advanced technology providing low energy consumption and network stability, whilst also having a fully smart-adjustable and stable high throughput TPS.

    Data securely stored on the Sharder Chain will be unmatched in, and with, extremely high security, accessibility and privacy due to its unique encryption, smart sharding, distributed storage and multiple backup process. Sharder protocol can be deployed to any public or private chain to provide the most technically advanced, end to end data storage, validation and authentication solutions available.

    With dedicated, independently researched and custom built small and large hardware mining hubs and boxes, perfectly matched to COS clients that are affordable to a wide demographic, these machines along with home HDD and VPS servers can mine and earn rewards for supplying idle storage. This eliminates the issues huge data cloud storage warehouses have to contend with. (Sharder Box is dual mining — they can be programmed to mine other POC, DPOS, POS coins and tokens including Ethereum 2.0 and more, whilst storing data, watching the network, and mining SS tokens all simultaneously.) VPS servers with high end graphics cards can also participate in some of the Sharder Boxes abilities.

    In summary, Sharder Distributed Network (SS) provides a package of unmatched end to end, extremely secure, easily accessible storage solutions along with validation and authentication services for critical files and documents of any size. Built for the individual, the smallest business or the largest of corporations alike.

    Along with the dedicated platform for developers to build unique DApp’s on the network, Sharder Distributed Network (SS) will soon open its unique cross chain asset function allowing any user on the network to issue and trade assets like NFT’s and much more on the Sharder Chain and will also be integrated within the current mainstream DEFI ecosystem.

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  • Sharder Distributed Network 2021/2022 Technology Roadmap

    This post is regarding our technology roadmap for 2021 & the first half of 2022.

    Our focus is to build world class leading capability to securely store data and build incredible DApp’s + many more exciting functions and collaborations.

    • SS Contract: build multi chain token exchange capability by allowing interoperability initially with the Tron, Huobi & Binance Chains.
      Complete mining client, enabling hubs, boxes and other mining devices.

    • Reset testnet work and open for wider testing.

    • Open network for developers to build DApp’s on alongside SignEase.

    • Charge towards live Mainnet launch.

    The project team will continue to increase brand awareness, enabling mining clients, building partnerships along with other exciting developments. All will be implemented ‘in parallel’ to development of the technology.

    alt text

    By nature, forward looking statements involve risks and uncertainties because they relate to events that may or may not occur into the future. We caution you that forward looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and that actual results may exceed, or, not meet the forward looking statements in this press release.

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